PYV Tech company is here to provide the most innovative ERP solutions, represent a reliable platform for making business decisions: analysis, decision, control, and optimization. We’re known for offering Low-cost ERP solution to all types of business verticals, face complexities in managing the business and collecting digital information. We are a team of the experts have more than 10 years of experience in the Information technology and digital transformation domain.

We are a leading company and getting constant growth day by day due to the delivery of advanced and quality solutions. Also, we have built a dynamic working ambiance with professional development opportunities.
Our ERP for fleet service offers a tailor-made, flexible and efficient solution for high-quality administration of the fleet. We offer top-class ERP solutions in order so that fleet service providers can easily plan to increase the profitability, the availability and efficient use of the company’s cars.

The advantages of Car fleet module
There are various advantages we offer to our clients in order to make their fleet business runs smoothly.





Here is something we offer-

  • Quick and simple identification of any vehicle in the company
  • Permanent record of each machine activity, whether it is all about tracking, fuel consumption, accidents, taxes paid, fines and others
  • Tracking the duration of unavailability of the fleets and identify their causes
  • Our ERP fleet solution is the best in optimizing the fleet through more efficient delivery routes.
  • Easily manage and increase the availability rate of company cars
  • Increase fleet profitability and success

PYV Tech ERP Features

Easy to use interface
Our ERP fleet model is the best in helping fleet businesses which is user-friendly and can be used by all. It will enable our clients to easily locate the vehicle, role within the organization, check technical data, technical status of the car, and other various specific information.

Get the route sheets
We offer exclusive and advanced car fleet software which is the completion and help in tracking of the route sheets, indicators, and results.

Saves time
With our innovative ERP fleet solution, one can check, manage and run automobiles around the clock and that is without wasting time. One will get full reports in regards to everything, thus, there is nothing to worry about anything at all and save a lot of time.

Full Controlling
We make sure our clients to go with full tracking and controlling rights 24/7 with our effective ERP. Via the same, one can control and manage everything from vehicles to drivers.