PYV Tech offers an integrated Software Solution that automates all functions of the RESTAURANT business. Our 10+ years experienced pros completely understand the complexities of running a Restaurant. They believe that a restaurant is not all about taking and delivering orders as well as billing, but it is more than that, including- smart management of purchasing, materials management, food cost analysis, creating customer records and preferences, generating Customer loyalty, and much more.

We make sure you to set aside all the traditional systems and just go with our dynamic, advanced and affordable ERP solutions for managing A-Z restaurant activities. Our comprehensive ERP solution supports everything from sales and purchases management, table and kitchen order management, waiter attendance management and time tracking, analysis of food and beverage cost, order management, POS, and so on. Our cutting-edge ERP software solutions are the ultimate saviors as they will save you a lot of time and efforts as well as will get you aside from all the hassles and troubles in the restaurant business.

Restaurant Billing Software Benefits
If you are running a food business or planning to commence, better look on to buy effective and easy to use ERP software to resolve the day to day issues.

Here are certain benefits we can offer you-

Managing restaurant business hassle free
Our ERP solutions are customized and just made to meet your A-Z complex business requirements. We offer great solutions which are capable of managing businesses, reducing wastage, attending the customers and increasing your profits, thus, it is the must-have tool for businesses of all kinds. PYV Tech ERP Solutions is among the best ERP solutions in the market, which is known for its flexibility and scalability to meet A-Z business requirements.

Process order faster
Being an owner of the restaurant you are fully responsible to attain the customers in the best possible manner and if you don’t want to keep your customer on wait, use the best ERP solution to give instant notification to the chefs on what to make and how as well as share the special request from the customer.

Give great offers and increase customer loyalty
It is important to make your customers feel so good when they visit the restaurant. If you have some regular customers, offer them great discounts, free wifi or free coke, and run any kind of loyalty campaign to maintain customer base without an effort.

Have customer feedback
It is very important to have a proper customer feedback and make up a record for the same. With the right ERP solution, one can take and record everything the customer requested in order to customize your menu accordingly.

Our ERP solution works best in reducing the inventory cost, to get ready to use reports, manage multi-location food businesses and various others.

PYV Tech Restaurant ERP Features
Our pro ERP solution is all perfect and easy to use. There are various features

We offer to our clients as follows-

  • Analyzing and fixing authentic food and beverage costing
  • Menu engineering
  • Advanced MIS reporting
  • Purchase, stores, and inventory
  • Membership and loyalty management
  • Efficiently manage general ledger, assets, finances